Jürgen Eberhard was born in 1966 in Lörrach, and lives now in the hansa town Bremen in the North of Germany, where he works as an architect. Since 1989 he devotes himself with experimental electronical music, and is co-founder of the project “Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels daheim.”, which became his solo-project in 2004.

Since then numerous CDs, tapes and Lps, always with remarkably designed covers, have been released on international musiclabels, such as Audiofile Tapes (USA), Vinyl Communication (USA), Drone Records ( Germany), White Rabbit Records (Germany), and Silken Tofue (Belgium).

From the very beginning, Jürgen Eberhard gave concerts in Germany (Gesellschaft für aktuelle Kunst, Bremen ; Ausklangfestival, Hamburg; Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig ; Hochschule für Künste, Bremen ; Avantgarde Festival Schiphorst), England,
( Morden Tower, Ill FM ) Scotland , the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia (DOM Moskau), Lithuania, Austria (Flex) and Switzerland ( Point de Vue) ,Audioart Festival Krakow, Edith Russ Haus Oldenburg, Creature Live Art Kaunas.

His purpose is to create sounds and soundscapes by means of objects that are not musical instruments in the first place, for example toys, kitchen utensils, chemicals and insects.
The assembled and newly arranged objects are beeing electronically processed, layered, regrouped and used in many unusual ways, until the original sound is completely modified.
The heavy psycho- acoustic sound during a live-performance is a treat for the eyes and ears.